Division of Bourke

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Australian House of Representatives Division
NamesakeSir Richard Bourke

The Division of Bourke was an Australian electoral division in Victoria. The division was proclaimed in 1900, and was one of the original 65 divisions to be contested at the first federal election. It was abolished in 1949. It was named for Sir Richard Bourke, Governor of New South Wales at the time of the founding of Melbourne. It was based in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, including the suburbs of Brunswick and Coburg. After 1910, it was a safe seat for the Australian Labor Party, but was lost to an independent Labor member in 1946.


Image Member Party Term Notes
  James Hume Cook
Protectionist 29 March 1901
26 May 1909
Previously held the Victorian Legislative Assembly seat of East Bourke Boroughs. Served as Chief Government Whip in the House under Deakin. Served as minister under Deakin. Lost seat
  Commonwealth Liberal 26 May 1909 –
13 April 1910
  Frank Anstey
Labor 13 April 1910
7 August 1934
Previously held the Victorian Legislative Assembly seat of Brunswick. Served as minister under Scullin. Retired
  Maurice Blackburn
Labor 15 September 1934
December 1935
Previously held the Victorian Legislative Assembly seat of Clifton Hill. Lost seat. Wife was Doris Blackburn
  Independent Labor December 1935 –
March 1937
  Labor March 1937 –
October 1941
  Independent Labor October 1941 –
21 August 1943
  Bill Bryson
Labor 21 August 1943
28 September 1946
Lost seat. Later elected to the Division of Wills in 1949
  Doris Blackburn
Independent Labor 28 September 1946
10 December 1949
Failed to win the Division of Wills after Bourke was abolished in 1949. Husband was Maurice Blackburn

Election results[edit]