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4D Prince of Persia release date[edit]

Mobygames says that 4D Prince of Persia was released in 1994 - which date is correct?

1994, I'll change the article, I had bad memory, I was sure it was 1992 when I added it

PoP and Victor Pelevin[edit]

May be of some interest: Victor Pelevin's book "Prince of Central Planning" (Prints Gosplana) is inspired by this game.

4D PofP was released in 1994 - check file dates


When did Ubisoft get the rights to this game series?

Game Gear[edit]

What about a release daate for the Game Gear? Was that the same as the others?


There was also a version for the sharp X68000 in Japan, no idea about the details though - anyone know anything? It does look like a straight port.


Spoiler warnings, fools!

Mobile version of the Two Thrones[edit]

The mobile version was developed by Gameloft. I guess it should be added to the developer column. —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) 21:11, August 22, 2007 (UTC)